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We are always interested in hearing from you if you want to become part of the Enversion team.

In addition to having top-notch qualifications, you must tell us what you think you can contribute to the company, who you are and what your dreams are. If your ambition is a fancy job title, you clearly need to find another place to work, because we do not do that here. On the other hand, we support you in pursuing your dreams and ideas, allow differences of opinion and give you real responsibility within your work area, with the opportunity to influence the company as much as you want. Please read our manifesto where we write a bit about what we believe in and how we like to work.

Check out who we are, and whether you think you belong here:

You are more than welcome to send us something about what you are proud of having achieved. Also, tell us about your dream job. Please send it to our Finance or Health Teams’ job email addresses. We will check out what you have sent us and will invite you over for a chat if we think you could be a match.
We’re currently looking for 2-3 colleagues for our health team. If you work with data and are passionate about transforming health data into valuable knowledge, then stop by for a cup of coffee. We don’t really care about the qualifications on your CV; what matters to us is what you’re capable of doing and what it is you want to achieve. Confused? Well, then you’re probably not the one we’re looking for…
Application for our Finance Team:
Application for our Health Team:
Please note that emails containing sensitive personal data or confidential data, e.g. personal identification number, will be deleted immediately upon receipt.